Why Natural

Why Organic - Vedanta Organics


Healthy living and healthy heart can easily be traced to healthy eating. Today food is grown, processed and preserved using fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones & Genetically modified organisms, flavoring agents which are believed to contain toxins.

These toxins are believed to be responsible to heart dieses, hypertension. Even children are developing diabetes, and young people are developing dieases like hypothyroidism.

Intake of Pesticides induced diet is like slow poisoning oneself. We guess, this is enough reasoning to switch to an Natural & Organic lifestyle.

Other reasons which will convince you are:

  • Boosts your well being: With more vitamins, minerals, micronutrients than intensively farmed produce will give your body energy it needs to manage your daily hectic schedule.
  • Organic farming reduces toxic farming runoff and pollutants that contaminate our water soil, air.
  • Protect health of future generations, by not serving them pesticide laden food.
  • Keeps the rural population healthy, as the farms are not laden with agricultural pesticides.
  • Supports "True" Economy: Billions of your Tax money is spent on removing chemicals laden in food. But natural food does away with fear of food. In other words, you save your own money.
  • Tastes Better, Feels better: Thanks to well balanced soils, crop is strong & healthy, giving it that keen taste, flavor, nutrition.