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about Vedanta Organics

We are looking for partners!

If you are a online store entreprenuer or a physical store owner or an speciality store owner, then you have come to the right place. We at Vedanta Organics are looking to partner with the right business owners who can sell our products.

Vedanta Organics is a nutrition based food brand for health conscious individuals looking for simple & easy to use healthy food alternatives.

If you are a shop or online store is looking for a set of unique, healthy and high quality products then Vedanta Organics is a brand that fits all these criteria.

For Online Stores :

  • Drop Shipment Model.
  • Stocking Model.

For Offline Stores :

All offline store partners need to necessarily stock and display our products in their racks. We are comfortable working even with small orders. Also we have a very simple return policy which you can avail of for the first 3 orders. We can ship our products to any part of India. So if your store is in Kolkata or Coimbatore or Bangalore no worries, we will ship right to your store.

In case you need any more details in this regards do call us on +919167436190 or email to [email protected]