About Us

about Vedanta Organics

"Good Health is true wealth" is the mission of Vedanta Organics, to fulfill which we are coming up with a range products like Roasted Healthy Snacks, Dryfruit sweets with no added sugar, no added fats and no added preservatives. We urge the use of 100% natural, organic & ecofriendly products in your daily use which are essential for healthy living and preserving the ecobalance. We want to, in more than one way contribute to the Health revolution in India.

The products offered by us undergo the strict quality standard checks. Our product range also includes healthy seed mixes, dryfruits & nuts, organic snacks, glutenfree snacks . We select best in quality ingredients and prepare "made to order snacks" that are 100% fresh and have a homely feel as the products are handmande and have no addeditives or preservatives. With over 100 crave-worthy options for you to explore, snacking is now healthier, smarter, easier and more fun.